Cell Signal Booster – Voice – 150 sq.m. (Power Line)

(Vodacom MTN Cell C)

Bestseller Cell Signal Booster – Voice – 150 sq.m. (Power Line)
  • Application:
    1 Band
  • Coverage:
    Up to 150 sqm
  • Ideal For:
  • Provider:
  • Frequency:
    900 Mhz
  • Data:
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Benefits and Features:
  • Instant Signal Boost of up to 5 bars
  • CE & RoHS ISO Certified Product
  • Easy Installation
  • Instant Technical Assistance
  • 2 -Year Warranty

R 3850

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Kit includes:
  • 1x repeater
  • 1x indoor antenna
  • 1x outdoor LPDA antenna
  • 1x power adapter
  • 1x 15 meters cable
  • 1x 5 meters cable
We provide 2 Years warranty on all our products
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Running a home without constant frustration is hard enough, but what to do when you have awful mobile reception? Turn to our power line boosters, of course! There are so easy to use, and also easy to set up. The whole installation will require only a few easy steps and you’ll be ready to enjoy the great connection in no time! Just follow the instructions included in the kit. In case you need any additional help, you can contact our 24/7  customer support line and get all of the answers you need. We care about your time and convenience, so our products will be delivered to you free of charge, along with a 2-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Technical Sheet
  • Coverage
    Up to 150 sqm
  • Use
    Small boat
    Small office
  • Operator
    Vodacom (2G)
    MTN (2G)
    Cell C (2G)
  • Frequency
    900 Mhz
  • Kit
    Repeater and all accessories
  • Up-link
  • Down-link
    935~960 MHz
  • Output Power
    • Uplink
    • Downlink
  • Gain
    • Uplink
    • Downlink
  • Bandwidth
  • Ripple in Band
  • Spurious Emission
    • 9KHz~1GHz
    • 1GHz~12.75GHz
  • Intermodulation Products
    • 9KHz~1GHz
    • 1GHz~12.75GHz
  • VSWR
  • MTBF
  • Power Supply
  • Power Comsumption
  • Impedance
  • RF Connector
  • Gross weight
  • Product Size
  • Installation Type
    Wall Installation
  • Environment Conditions
  • Humidity
  • Operating Temperature


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Adanne Verified Customer2022/04/18

I bought it for our office. It works for the three of us just fine. Everything is pretty fast...calls, download speeds, steaming. I attend to my emails fast and the clarity of voice calls just impresses me. I would totally recommend it to someone who wants a break from the frustration of dropped calls and slow internet.

    Fundiswa Verified Customer2022/03/26

    My office is situated some distance away from the nearest town, and the signals get weaker away from the urban center. I preferred to work at home at times because I could barely get anything done at the office - no calls, no internet, no socials. I bought this unit and installed it myself after I had had enough of all that ridiculousness. I am so glad I did, I can now work in peace. It keeps me connected to my clients.

      Mmasinachi Verified Customer2022/03/23

      I had actually bought a mobile network booster before from another company but the results were disastrous. The signals remained pretty weak after spending a neat sum, I have never felt so conned. I bought this unit with a lot of doubts in mind and expected little or no improvement. Turns out this would be the solution to my problems. The connection was immediately righted after installation. I am a very happy, well-connected man right now.

        Chisom Verified Customer2022/02/21

        After enduring almost six months of bad signals, dropped calls and 1 bar for almost six months, I feel alive after getting the signal booster. All along I thought it was my phone with the problem and even changed phones because it was too much I could not take it. I hardly leave the house so I desperately needed strong connection while in the house. I am so glad I got what I wanted and some more!

          Neela Verified Customer2022/02/18

          The signal for the office was really bad and we could not answer calls well or receive and reply to mails the right way. I am so glad I bought this unit for the office. The tough times of dropped calls, delayed emails and the frantic search for signal are gone. This could very well be my best purchase in a long time. If you have a problem with weak signals you should totally get it. You will not regret it.