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Return Policy

Returning Your Order

We want all our customers to be satisfied, but if for some reason you are not, please follow these exact instructions to request a refund.  We have a 30-day limit policy for all returns, starting from the day of receiving your original order.  The product must be in the new, original condition as you received it, with all the packaging intact and undamaged.  We also have a specific address for returns to be sent to our Customer Service Department.  Sending it to another address will not see your refund processed, and we cannot be responsible for items sent to the wrong address.

Suggestions for Speedy Refunds

The following points will help clarify our return policy.  Our processing time to review all returned merchandise generally takes from 2 to 6 weeks, once the fulfillment center has received the item.  This is due to our thorough inspection of the product in question, as well as the perusal of the required documentation provided along with the order.

Missing or Damaged Products

If your item comes to you and is damaged in some way, or has not arrived at all by the estimated delivery date, please contact us immediately so we can make the proper inquiries.  Claim requests in such circumstances have to be reported within 5 days of receiving/not receiving your order.  It is our normal policy to require evidence of the damage.  Again, please remember to return the product to our Customer Service Department only.


Replacement Policy

In order to replace your product, we must have the returned item within 30 days of the original date received.  The original item must be received before the new item will be shipped to you.  If there is are any additional charges for the new order, payment is required at the time of the re-order and must be processed as a new order.  If there are any monies to be refunded by us, we will issue one as soon as the original item has been received and inspected by us.

Processing Requirements

Processing Time for Replacement Products

We wish to get you the replacement item you desire as quickly as possible.  Please allow from 5 to 10 business days for the processing to take place at our fulfillment center.  When the return item is received by us, it will need to be inspected, put back into inventory, and then the new item will be shipped out.


Refund Policy

Your refund may take up to 4 weeks, depending on your payment method.  Once we receive and inspect your package, we will process the refund.  In the situation where you have canceled your order before it is shipped, we will issue a refund when we have received a confirmation of the cancellation.  Orders that are already placed, may be canceled before 5 AM (GMT).

Please Note: Orders that require international shipping couriers, cannot have exact delivery dates, being that it is out of our control.  Once your estimated delivery date has been missed, and you haven’t received the order, please contact us immediately to let us know of the situation.