Boat Signal Boosters

Boat Signal Boosters

Boat Signal Boosters

Being out at sea, you can bet that your phone’s reception will be a problem. Cell reception gets interrupted when the seas get rough or as you go further out. This can prove detrimental when you need to get in touch with the mainland, especially if your radio fails you. More so, you can get a good internet connection, and stay updated while out at sea. You can get one of our mobile signal boosters for your boat and cruise out to sea without a worry of losing your signal. Be it a small boat or a huge vessel, we’ve got a fit for every marine vessel.

So what is a boat cell phone signal booster? Essentially it is quite similar to a microphone, amplifier and speaker systems that are commonly used to amplify the sound of a person’s voice in larger places. A signal booster uses an outside antenna on the boat to get the weak outside cell signal then sends it by means of a cable to a signal amplifier, and finally passes it to an inside antenna. The latter broadcasts the stronger signal to a larger area in the boat cabin.

Worth noting is that the system works in the opposite direction to which means that you can be sure of both receiving and making calls and data requests with a quality signal. However, keep in mind that a signal booster doesn’t make a signal itself rather it amplifies the already existing weak signal so make sure there is some outside signal or faraway carrier tower.

There are two important issues that you might stumble upon while using a boat signal booster – oscillation and overload. Let’s dive into this matter deeper:

Oscillation: This happens when the amplified or boosted signal being broadcast from the inside antenna “makes a trip” back to the outside antenna thus creating feedback in the system. This often creates the need for locating the inside antenna on the inside of the ship cabin which will make the exterior of the boat block the boosted signal not letting it reach the external antenna. However, if you are facing this problem, we advise you to fix the physical separation between antennas by moving them from each other. Also make sure that the inside antenna isn’t pointed towards the external one.

Overload: If the existing outside signal is stronger than needed the amplifier becomes overloaded with too much signal which results in the amplifier stopping and not providing any boosting. However, this isn’t a serious problem, as it happens mostly when close to the shore i.e. to cell towers. This means that the passengers or sailors will already be getting good signal and won’t need the help of boosters.

Avoid the stress that missed calls and bad network connection cause. Buy the best boat signal boosters and enjoy your boat trip to the fullest while staying in touch with those important to you. Our company is there to provide you with quality signal boosters with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Our team is available 24/7 to help you with any kind of issue related to signal boosters. Stay in touch and keep signal at the highest 5-bar point with our boat signal boosters.