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mtnMTN Group, formerly called M-Cell, is multinational mobile telecommunications company headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. The company, however, operates and offers its services not only to the local South African customers, but its reputation and services have become renowned and are widely used throughout many European and Asian countries. We can say that MTN is the well-deserved competitor of the leading African cellular network company Vodacom.

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The company boasts millions of customers who are almost always satisfied with the company’s services and high quality mobile network connection. We mentioned the word
“almost” because nothing is or can be perfect and MTN’s services are not an exception. Though the company is really a high-standard service provider but its connection can still, so to say unwillingly, come with certain problems. This can happen because of different reasons which include the rural areas being surrounded with mountains and hills that are themselves not a good source of quality connection, or bad weather conditions. Living in a South African village, you might be able to talk outside your house with a flawless mobile connection, but the latter might start failing as soon as you carry out your cell phone conversations inside your house.

These issues are unavoidable and the mobile provider, in our case, MTN is not to blame. However, you don’t have to worry because the problem is solvable as long as you acquire an MTN signal booster.

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