Vodacom Signal Boosters

Vodacom Group Limited or as it is better known, Vodacom, is an African cell phone communications company that provides the following services to an audience “made up” of over 55 million customers:
• Voice
• Messaging
• Data
• Converged services
Being one of the leading mobile companies in Africa, Vodacom provides services for over 40 African countries. In South Africa alone the company boasts over 23 million customers and in addition to this it has coverage on Mount Kilimanjaro. However perfect the description of this cellular network might sound, it still can’t avoid having “malfunctions” in certain areas in South Africa.

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Cellular network problems might be a disaster for some people, especially those who have serious conversations to carry out with their employers or employees, or relatives and friends and here is when an uninterrupted and high quality signal becomes a must. Nowadays, technology has developed so much that it already does not matter where you are located at, whether in a big city, or some faraway rural area where the cellular network connection might have seemed a miracle. With the introduction of cell phone signal boosters, connection loss becomes a “nightmare left in the past”.Read More