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Home is the place where you seek the most comfort and peace and it’s really stressful to find out that you don’t have good cell connection at your house, or in one of the rooms. Having to walk around the house to find a place where you will have a “smooth” cell phone conversation without any delay is a headache no one wants to bear. However, the solution to this is in fact very simple – all it takes you is to install a home cell phone signal booster.

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    Poor connectivity at your home can happen because of a number of reasons: living in a village that’s surrounded by hills and mountains, is one of them. Cell phone carriers can’t spread their coverage all over South Africa or even if they can, it takes time and before it happens we greatly recommend you to stop stressing over missed calls and interrupted conversations that might have been of fatal importance by simply setting up a cell phone signal booster around your house.Read More
    Besides, poor connectivity can be a great problem especially for those working from home. With a cell phone signal booster you won’t have this issue any more. Our cell phone signal boosters are compatible with all the major South African carriers. They are affordable, safe and can boost a 5-bar signal around your home be it an apartment, a small home, or a large house with a big garden. Our high-quality home signal boosters will receive the existing weak signals through the outdoor antenna sending it to the indoor one via a cable thus broadcasting an amplified signal throughout your house. What refers to the installation and setup process then, despite it being utterly easy, we make sure you don’t face any issues by providing you with special accessories that make the process easy. In case you need help, our team of professionals is available 24/7 and will always be willing to solve your signal booster issues. We guarantee you a 30-day trial period during which you can return the booster and be fully funded if you remain unsatisfied with it which is unlikely. If you are still in two minds whether a home cell phone signal booster will be worth the purchase as it is another radioactive wave emitter, then we assure you that signal boosters have no harmful effect which is officially proven. The amount of waves that they send out is so small that can make no change among all the radioactive wave emitting devices you have at home. So don’t think twice, make your cell connection better and dropped calls less by installing the best cell phone signal booster at your house!