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We are the premier signal booster provider in South Africa and boast of more than 10 years of being market leaders in the world. We offer the latest technology that the tech world has to offer. Our team is always on the lookout for new tech in the mobile industry. With our products, you can ensure that you always have the latest and the best technology. Our wide range of products are next to none. We have amassed a huge collection of network boosters. From single and multiple band boosters to boosters that are tailored for specific locations. We have a gadget for everyone. If you are having trouble finding the best fit for you, don’t worry. Our support team is available always to ensure you get exactly what you need. We offer free shipping for our customers within the country. What is more? You’ll get all this and more at pocket friendly prices. Get in touch today and boost your mobile!

No matter where you aim to carry out signal improvements, at a hotel, in your office, home, car, restaurant, farm or even a boat, you can always rely on us. We have a suitable device that will meet all your needs and demands for all the above mentioned cases.

Regardless of the mobile carrier or the technology you use, we have the exact cell phone signal booster for you that covers all frequency bands. We have found out all the available frequencies that are mostly used by South African mobile carriers and offer a corresponding product for each of them be they a single-, dual- or tri-band

Regardless of the size of the place you need coverage for “Signal Boosters South Africa” offers a wide variety of options to select from. Be it a small hotel room or a large farm/house, we always have the exact device for you. All it takes you is to match the area size with one of our boosters starting from 150 sqm up to 1500.
Our high quality network boosters are available for all the major carriers of South Africa. Be you a user of Vodacom, MTN or something else we can always find the perfect match for you. Not to mention the dual and multi-band boosters that will make your choice of our products irreplaceable.

What is a Cell Signal Booster?

In this fast-paced technology era it might be hard to keep with all the innovative devices that are produced daily in the world and it’s harder to understand what are these devices meant for exactly. The technology that we want to present to your attention is the cell signal booster. So what is it and why do you need it? All your cell phones and wireless devices are, so to say, backed by a network carrier. In the case of South Africa we can mention Vodacom, as an example. But however strong and large coverage your cell phone provider might have, there will always be certain places that it might miss out on. Here is when your connection issues might start unless you own a phone booster.
In essence, a cell phone signal booster is a system that carries the cell phone signal from one area where it’s active and strong, and amplifying it, sends to the area where there is little or no signal at all. A network booster comprises an external antenna, a boosting amplifier and an internal antenna and comes with a long cable aimed at connecting them all. Worth mentioning is the fact that cell phone perception boosters don’t create signals, they simply amplify an existing one. Their transmission is carried out with the help of a wired connection between the indoor and outdoor antennas. The indoor unit amplifies the signal from a source power after which it is sent to the indoor antenna. The latter transforms the electrical signal into waves of the same frequency received by the outdoor antenna. As a result you get a strong cell phone perception thus getting all the hindrances to disappear from your way.
This complex circuitry is “to blame” for the boosted and quality signal that you get everywhere in South Africa no matter the mobile provider you use or the area you are at. Phone signal boosters are easy to use and might save you a very important conversation that you were unable to have because of bad signal issues in the past.

 How Network Boosters Work?

So how does phone booster function? Signal boosters have a special way of functionality that involves a few levels and which is, thought complex at first sight, but essentially very easy to understand. Here is the order of functions that a network booster fulfills in order to improve the mobile network signals:

  1. As already mentioned, a cell signal booster consists of three main parts: an outdoor antenna, an indoor antenna and an amplifier all of which are connected with a long cable. The outdoor antenna detects and collects faint signals outside which are too weak for a mobile phone to detect itself.
  2. This very weak signal passes over the local obstructions and is then sent to the amplifier. The aim of this process is to avoid any further possible weakening of the signal when it reaches the indoor unit through the conduction medium.
  3. Thus, in the indoor unit the amplification of the signal is fulfilled by means of matching the weak one to the strength of the frequency of the carrier waves. The power of the indoor antenna comes from the external power outlet into which you plugged your device during the setup process.
  4. In the end, the indoor antenna that gets the amplified signal, broadcasts it, in its turn, in the area of its coverage. Thus you get the strong and high quality perception unit that becomes the base for an uninterrupted and smooth conversation on your cell phone. The quality of the amplified signal can be considered an equal to that of the carriers’ mobile tower.


Money back guarantee:

“Signal Boosters South Africa” assures you the high quality of its products and the flawless functioning. However, as it is inescapable, you are never fully secured from any possible malfunctions of a technology item. There is no doubt that our products are a result of thorough and detailed work, but exceptions always happen. And in case you face any issues regarding your network signal booster either during the setup process or after it, feel free to contact our team. Our specialists are available 24/7 and will do their best to solve your issue. In addition to this, all our devices come with a 30-day warranty. So if you are not satisfied with the functionalities of your phone booster or it has not met your expectations, you can return it with 30 days. We will offer you to exchange it or we’ll simply fully refund you. We carry out a highly customer-friendly policy and do everything to meet the expectations of people who trust us. Feel free to contact us in any kind of network signal booster issue you stumble upon. Our team will assist you in all possible ways or refund you fully!


Are signal boosters safe?

Here is quite a controversial issue that has been the basis for a number of heated debates. The technology items nowadays, in spite of all the advantages they provide us with, have their harmful sides too. The first thing that comes into our minds when talking about the harms of computers, cell phones and other such innovations is undoubtedly radiation. The latter is harmful for health and might be a source for certain diseases as proved by science so why would a person owning the technology items that are a “harmful necessity” want to add another device to it i.e. a signal booster. However, when talking about the harmful effects of cell phone boosters, we should start with the factual statement proven in the result of studies and researches that they hardly put your health at any kind of risk.
Whatever amount of radiation the device might emit, it can’t be harmful enough to cause any serious health issues. The emitted electromagnetic power of mobile signal boosters is very small and in fact, even if you decide to have a collection of cell phone repeaters at your house, there will still be no dramatic changes.
Another research has even come up with the conclusion that the amplifier of a cell phone reception booster emits much less radiation than a mobile phone itself which doesn’t even have quality signal. Well, cell phones can really cause harm to your health especially if you carry them everywhere “attached to your body.” But you can’t get rid of them either, as it will mean losing connection with the world which is impossible in the modern era. And if you think that losing connection because of low quality perception unit is better than endangering your health by buying a mobile network signal booster then we are here to confront you and assure that the latter is of no harm to your health.
Another important point is the fact that, when there is low quality network in a certain area, the cell phone “turns its wireless receiver on” thus providing more power for a better signal at the same time emitting higher amount of radiation. In contrast to this, if you have a cellular signal booster, the power used by the mobile receiver decreases significantly thus reducing the risks of any health issues.
As it becomes clear, there is no ground to all those statements that try to prove the harmful effects of cell phone repeaters.

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How It Works

So how does a cell phone signal booster work? The main aim of the device is to carry and amplify an existing cell signal, which is commonly found outside your home or office, and send it to an area which has a weak perception or lacks it completely. The installation of a gsm signal booster is utterly easy and will require only 15 minutes from your precious time. There are two quick and simple steps you should follow in order to successfully set your booster up.

2 step set up

1. All it takes you is to locate the outdoor antenna exactly there where you want to have quality perception unit and then connect it to the device by means of the long cable that we have attached to the product.

2. Speaking of the indoor antenna, you attach it to the booster and last but not least, plug the device into the power outlet closest to it. You are finished, enjoy the smooth network signal.

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“Signal Boosters South Africa” provides its customers with the highest quality network boosters available on the market and guarantees their smooth performance. Our products are absolutely easy to install at your home, office, vehicle or wherever you might need it. You are not required to have any specific skills to setup a network signal booster, it’s a simple 15-minute process. However, you are never fully secured from unexpected malfunctions or problems during the installation of a device and that’s exactly why our team is at your disposal 24/7 and will come to your help any time you “get into a trouble with your signal booster”. Call us right away – we are more than willing to help our customers! We provide cell signal boosters in France as well.
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Frequency Benefits of Network Boosters

Sometimes it seems like nothing can be as frustrating as making a simple phone call on your cell phone. Picture yourself at home, wanting to talk to your mother, but the call won’t go through because you don’t have enough “bars” of signal strength. The same thing happens to you at work when you are trying to return a business call, and your phone shows you an error message because there is no signal at all in that region. We know just how you feel, which is why we created and sell cell phone signal boosters, for a variety of network providers.
At our online shop, we care about your communication abilities. We don’t want you to miss even one single call. They are all important, for your leisure or business affairs, and you need to be able to rely on getting through to your friends, family or places of business. We know that a signal booster can greatly improve your signal strength wherever you may be – home, work, or in transit. We have phone boosters for all of them, so that you can complete your calls as needed. Forget about “dropped” calls, for you won’t have to experience them any longer, with a network booster. Our cell phone signal boosters enhance the original signal that you have from your network provider, whoever that might be. We even offer dual, tri-band and multi-band boosters, to cover the whole family or work place, since we know that not everyone uses the same cell phone services. Now everyone, everywhere, can have great signal strength with our cell phone repeater.

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